Search, Compare and Find your Meaningful Goodbye

Losing a loved one is often a sombre and complex time in our lives. The role of a Funeral Director is to ease you through the process by guiding you through the legal necessities, arranging the funeral and coordinating liaising with various third parties. Due to the requirements changing from funeral to funeral, it can be unclear how charges are calculated. At Luna Funeral Search, our goal is to clarify these costs, whether the funeral is on a tight budget, bespoke or eco-friendly. Use Luna Funeral Search to find the right funeral director for you.

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Why we Exist

We created Luna Funeral Search to enable people to find the perfect Funeral Director to suit the personality of their loved one and to help people understand the costs.

How we Help you

We simplify the process by enabling people to search and compare the funerals available in their area. Our AI driven recommendation engine finds the most relevant results for each search.

What we Created

With a simple search, such as low cost, bespoke or eco-friendly, our recommendation engine will search and display the funerals that best suit the requirements of each bereaved family.

Search for Local Funerals and Funeral Plans

Our search engine works in the same way that Google does by searching and organising the funerals provided by your local Funeral Directors, based on your needs. The factors that decide your results are based on how useful they will be to you, for example, if you search for a low-cost funeral, Funeral Directors that offer payment plans will be at the top of your results. If it’s an eco-friendly funeral you are looking for, your results will be displayed by the environmental impact of the coffins’ construction.

Compare Funeral like-for-like Funerals

Our tools are designed to help you fairly compare funerals and Funeral Directors so that you can find the best deal for you. By comparing the same features of each funeral, you can find the right Funeral Director for you, whereas some other comparison sites exist to compare price over quality.